Thoughts on the World

You know what pisses me off the most? The way humanity is heading… like i feel the world is falling apart,at its threads. Most of humanity is corrupted by greed,ego and arrogance ,in trying to attaining material wealth.

Those in power,abuse their privileges…create war ,where its not needed,look to pick a fight just to show which country is better.Some countries go as far as creating their own terrorist attacks on itself ,just for money…almost every high power individual is chasing money!! and for what? I mean when we die,we take jack shit with us…death is inevitable.Why speed up the death toll,death process ,when we can prolong life?

I dont understand…the people that are elected into power,are not looking at the way we can actually save the world.The solution is with people,but people that understand right from wrong.Not those idiots who are racist,want a war,kill for fun or think trump is actually gonna do right for the people or any other nation leader.There’s so many secrets kept from the public because we dont know how to react accordingly I don’t blame some people,because of the amount of brainwashing the media spits out,you don’t know what to believe.Then you get the wannabe heroes,those who say they combatting global warming or saving peoples lives by doing certin things…but behind the scenes there is a hidden agenda..why? because the way we create this fucked up society,we need money essential to survive,its what creates the monarchy is this world.The fucking human food chain.We just need to put differences aside,understand that if we work together,our progress could be phenomenal, but im afraid thats nearly impossible for all nations to understand this ,as equality is not valid.I will never see it in my lifetime.

The only time ,humanity will realise it fucked up,is when we on the verge of extinction…when we become they prey of our own doing.I wish i had enough money to save the world well the world around me ,where everything is free ,where work is done out of passion ,rather than survival,the passion to make a change in order to survive.

We are on a time-bomb,its only a matter of time and bloodshed.



My Failure

So today I think Im gonna express my feelings towards failure…as  failure and I , have a history together. I always fail somethings 3 times maximum never more. Either way failure is still a bitch .It can also rape you,if you not prepared…the unexpected can happen thus making it the expected ,wow i just realized that ..the unexpected ,is always expected but some how i still manage to fuck that up.

Peoples opinions ,I think;is what makes other people think that they are a failure themselves. Like parents expect alot from their kids, maybe your teachers expect alot from you,or even your bosses.All these expectations that you are supposed to live up to and if you dont achieve them you considered a failure…like failing in maths,failing to get a job by 25,failing to get your degree….

Well honestly FUCK THAT , the only expectation you should have is the one “you” set,the one ,”you” achieve in “your” time, as long as you never stop trying, the moment you stop,thats when I can fucken judge you and say that you failed,like i do with myself .

When we set our goals and expectations,I dont think we account for “life” … shit always happens , and when it does it can emotionally ,mentally and physically fuck you up. I think they shouldn’t even call it failure ,I think every time you fail they should call it minor success, because every failure represents an opportunity for growth.

With that being said all my minor successes ,eventually gonna make me successful,then you know that feeling,when you can say “Fuck you” to all dem haters, …thats the feeling of established pride through hard work. But please do remain humble as karma and “life” seem to work together Lol…




Economic Structure

You know what i found to be weird today,well as the heading suggests, the way the economy is structured.If you think about it,it’s really pretty shitty.

How? Well let me elaborate on my statement… So you see people that work right get a salary,which they use for their daily needs right? well “a salary” isn’t enough to survive these days,have you seen the cost of living,It just keeps rising like some  hot air balloon,and does your salary rise like that? Nooo …it stays the same and maybe only slightly increases but it makes living life a struggle, and it is very difficult to enjoy as we can only treasure moments,only moments… unless you are really rich and live a lavish lifestyle,then you on permanent holiday.-

“Your salary is the bribe they give you to forget your dreams”

Also,What i have seem to notice that..poor people tend to give more than the rich,even though they have nothing,they will still find a way to help you out and ask for nothing in return.I guess they know the value of life ,what its like to struggle on a daily basis and I am sure they don’t want others to struggle.

Oh ,Lets not get started on how greedy banks are ,and how that shit don’t make any fucken sense…like you keeping YOUR own MONEY with them for safe keeping,but they will still charge you for withdrawing  YOUR own money ,and their interest rates are sometimes insane,forever keeping you in debt…they even charge you for printing a fucken receipt at an ATM, as if they dont have enough money already.

Who own the banks? the rich,greedy bastards,soul suckers…did you know only 5% of the worlds currency is actually real money the rest is just digital figures,that only exists on a computers .SoO think about it, they just lure you in with some fancy interest figures,but probably charge you twice in the long run for having an account with them.Millions of people went homeless in the wall street crash of 2009 ,why? because the banks interest rates fucked people over,and well other factors,but mainly it was the banks greed,and they knew it would happen…they knew what would happen to the people but they did it the movie “The Big Short “and you will understand.

I honestly think that this lifetime is unbalanced with greed,corruption and just plain evil deeds… Our hope for equal lives can never be achieved as monarchy will always exist in this lifetime,even if its hidden from people.The absolute truth will never be heard as the elite will portray it to the people of the world as a conspiracy theory.. 

Texting Back

SoOoo… like ,Is this shit even serious now days,our fascination with did he text back? or  replying really fast .

Just for the record/off topic “INSTAGRAM IS A LIE ” ,Dont trust these edits,never trust…unless you can actually see,U know the “realness” not sure how to exactly express it,but i am sure you get the point.I usually look at tagged photos because friends ,sometimes dont give a fuck and tag you in the most awful pictures just cause they look good.

Nonetheless.Where was I, ahhh texting,like people …I understand getting emotionally attached and stuff and having the need to be with the person…but how i see it ;you obsessing over words,on a screen ,like ,you have your own life…create your own meme life, or call the person, wi-fi calling is cheaper and now a thing, call, say what you wannna say,be done for the day.

Easier said then done right?..but not so easy when you tryna make a move or wanna get something off your chest, you cant really express extreme emotion in a text or with emoticons,Unless you are a really good writer…If i remember correctly i think its like 80% attraction is consider by your voice and like 10% your looks or something like that…

Anyway I am babbling on about shit im losing track off now,basically Im saying its easier to ignore a bunch of texts ,but your voice carries the emotion with the words. Dont wait for the reply ,make the reply happen.

AND Please if they dont answer your calls and texts it really means they DO NOT wanna talk to you,so dont be that desperate psycho  ,live your meme life. If they really care they will return the call or apologize for being busy… see that there ,they were “busy” meaning they were living their own meme life.Reply in your own time,dont waste your life waiting on a “What if” or that text back…

First blog post

Okay so just to get this out-of-the-way… this is officially my first post of what i can see to be an already failing blog.Well i honestly hope not right? ,cause all im gonna talk about is some random shit that ,some might find offensive…like i care though,maybe i do ,but like deep deep down inside,like I’m talking about Mariana trench deep ,if you don’t know what that is,then clearly you haven’t watched transformers,also you can just Google it.

I Google everything,you know,just to sometimes prove my point ,thank god for Google!

Well if you gonna follow this blog or read whatever gets posted ,just know …this shits real yo,as real as Donald trump resembling the Oros Man.