Thoughts on the World

You know what pisses me off the most? The way humanity is heading… like i feel the world is falling apart,at its threads. Most of humanity is corrupted by greed,ego and arrogance ,in trying to attaining material wealth.

Those in power,abuse their privileges…create war ,where its not needed,look to pick a fight just to show which country is better.Some countries go as far as creating their own terrorist attacks on itself ,just for money…almost every high power individual is chasing money!! and for what? I mean when we die,we take jack shit with us…death is inevitable.Why speed up the death toll,death process ,when we can prolong life?

I dont understand…the people that are elected into power,are not looking at the way we can actually save the world.The solution is with people,but people that understand right from wrong.Not those idiots who are racist,want a war,kill for fun or think trump is actually gonna do right for the people or any other nation leader.There’s so many secrets kept from the public because we dont know how to react accordingly I don’t blame some people,because of the amount of brainwashing the media spits out,you don’t know what to believe.Then you get the wannabe heroes,those who say they combatting global warming or saving peoples lives by doing certin things…but behind the scenes there is a hidden agenda..why? because the way we create this fucked up society,we need money essential to survive,its what creates the monarchy is this world.The fucking human food chain.We just need to put differences aside,understand that if we work together,our progress could be phenomenal, but im afraid thats nearly impossible for all nations to understand this ,as equality is not valid.I will never see it in my lifetime.

The only time ,humanity will realise it fucked up,is when we on the verge of extinction…when we become they prey of our own doing.I wish i had enough money to save the world well the world around me ,where everything is free ,where work is done out of passion ,rather than survival,the passion to make a change in order to survive.

We are on a time-bomb,its only a matter of time and bloodshed.