My Failure

So today I think Im gonna express my feelings towards failure…as  failure and I , have a history together. I always fail somethings 3 times maximum never more. Either way failure is still a bitch .It can also rape you,if you not prepared…the unexpected can happen thus making it the expected ,wow i just realized that ..the unexpected ,is always expected but some how i still manage to fuck that up.

Peoples opinions ,I think;is what makes other people think that they are a failure themselves. Like parents expect alot from their kids, maybe your teachers expect alot from you,or even your bosses.All these expectations that you are supposed to live up to and if you dont achieve them you considered a failure…like failing in maths,failing to get a job by 25,failing to get your degree….

Well honestly FUCK THAT , the only expectation you should have is the one “you” set,the one ,”you” achieve in “your” time, as long as you never stop trying, the moment you stop,thats when I can fucken judge you and say that you failed,like i do with myself .

When we set our goals and expectations,I dont think we account for “life” … shit always happens , and when it does it can emotionally ,mentally and physically fuck you up. I think they shouldn’t even call it failure ,I think every time you fail they should call it minor success, because every failure represents an opportunity for growth.

With that being said all my minor successes ,eventually gonna make me successful,then you know that feeling,when you can say “Fuck you” to all dem haters, …thats the feeling of established pride through hard work. But please do remain humble as karma and “life” seem to work together Lol…





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