Economic Structure

You know what i found to be weird today,well as the heading suggests, the way the economy is structured.If you think about it,it’s really pretty shitty.

How? Well let me elaborate on my statement… So you see people that work right get a salary,which they use for their daily needs right? well “a salary” isn’t enough to survive these days,have you seen the cost of living,It just keeps rising like some  hot air balloon,and does your salary rise like that? Nooo …it stays the same and maybe only slightly increases but it makes living life a struggle, and it is very difficult to enjoy as we can only treasure moments,only moments… unless you are really rich and live a lavish lifestyle,then you on permanent holiday.-

“Your salary is the bribe they give you to forget your dreams”

Also,What i have seem to notice that..poor people tend to give more than the rich,even though they have nothing,they will still find a way to help you out and ask for nothing in return.I guess they know the value of life ,what its like to struggle on a daily basis and I am sure they don’t want others to struggle.

Oh ,Lets not get started on how greedy banks are ,and how that shit don’t make any fucken sense…like you keeping YOUR own MONEY with them for safe keeping,but they will still charge you for withdrawing  YOUR own money ,and their interest rates are sometimes insane,forever keeping you in debt…they even charge you for printing a fucken receipt at an ATM, as if they dont have enough money already.

Who own the banks? the rich,greedy bastards,soul suckers…did you know only 5% of the worlds currency is actually real money the rest is just digital figures,that only exists on a computers .SoO think about it, they just lure you in with some fancy interest figures,but probably charge you twice in the long run for having an account with them.Millions of people went homeless in the wall street crash of 2009 ,why? because the banks interest rates fucked people over,and well other factors,but mainly it was the banks greed,and they knew it would happen…they knew what would happen to the people but they did it the movie “The Big Short “and you will understand.

I honestly think that this lifetime is unbalanced with greed,corruption and just plain evil deeds… Our hope for equal lives can never be achieved as monarchy will always exist in this lifetime,even if its hidden from people.The absolute truth will never be heard as the elite will portray it to the people of the world as a conspiracy theory.. 


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