Texting Back

SoOoo… like ,Is this shit even serious now days,our fascination with did he text back? or  replying really fast .

Just for the record/off topic “INSTAGRAM IS A LIE ” ,Dont trust these edits,never trust…unless you can actually see,U know the “realness” not sure how to exactly express it,but i am sure you get the point.I usually look at tagged photos because friends ,sometimes dont give a fuck and tag you in the most awful pictures just cause they look good.

Nonetheless.Where was I, ahhh texting,like people …I understand getting emotionally attached and stuff and having the need to be with the person…but how i see it ;you obsessing over words,on a screen ,like ,you have your own life…create your own meme life, or call the person, wi-fi calling is cheaper and now a thing, call, say what you wannna say,be done for the day.

Easier said then done right?..but not so easy when you tryna make a move or wanna get something off your chest, you cant really express extreme emotion in a text or with emoticons,Unless you are a really good writer…If i remember correctly i think its like 80% attraction is consider by your voice and like 10% your looks or something like that…

Anyway I am babbling on about shit im losing track off now,basically Im saying its easier to ignore a bunch of texts ,but your voice carries the emotion with the words. Dont wait for the reply ,make the reply happen.

AND Please if they dont answer your calls and texts it really means they DO NOT wanna talk to you,so dont be that desperate psycho  ,live your meme life. If they really care they will return the call or apologize for being busy… see that there ,they were “busy” meaning they were living their own meme life.Reply in your own time,dont waste your life waiting on a “What if” or that text back…


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